Rhine Falls-The Biggest Waterfalls in Europe

On the occasion of Sunday when everything is closed in Germany, we decided to go to the Rhine Falls in Switzerland. Rhine Falls is the biggest waterfalls in Europe situated near Zurich, Switzerland and is just 2 hours away from Stuttgart, Germany. I and my husband woke up early morning, prepared our brunch, packed in the lunch box and left home for the Stuttgart station. One tip, when you are traveling anywhere by yourself please get your own food for safer side.

How to reach Rhine Falls

If you are traveling from Stuttgart Germany, take the train to Singen from Stuttgart. Change train at Singen to Schaffhausen. Take a bus to Rhine Falls stop from the Schaffhausen station. Walk towards Rhine Falls from the bus stop. On the weekends you can purchase “Baden Wuerttemberg Ticket” from Stuttgart which is very economical for a group of upto 5 people. If you are traveling from Zurich there is a train, takes around 45 minutes to reach Schaffhausen.

We reached Schaffhausen,  had our sandwich at the station and took the bus to Rhine Falls. After getting down at the bus stop, we started walking towards the Rhine Falls. Within 15-20 minutes we reached the destination and just like any other falls we could hear the music of the falls. We finally made it to the falls.

Rhine Falls

Rhine Falls is 150 m wide and 23 m long. Depth of the pool is 13 m and is the biggest falls in Europe. Aged 14000 to 17000 years.

When you see the Rhine Falls you will see clean deep wavy water which is very pleasing to the eyes. The waterfalls is surrounded by the walking track and benches like you are in the park. There are souvenir shops as well as the restaurants around. Local people here can speak english if you are wondering.

There are many viewing spots for the Rhine Falls. The one in the middle of the falls is the best one. The rock island in the waterfalls looks like a throne from behind 🙂

Rhine Falls

How to reach there? Yes, there is a boat that takes you to this rock island. The boat ride leaves you at the spot and takes you back. There is a narrow staircase to climb up to view falls. After climbing on the rock island what you see is the best experience. You are standing right in the middle of the falls. You feel the mist hitting your face and the sound of the water makes it more thrilling experience. This is the best place to view this waterfall, I feel.

Rhine Falls
Rhine Falls

Rhein Falls is the best place for a one-day outing if you are near Zurich or Stuttgart. I and my husband spent the day at Rhine Falls like a picnic. There are lots of spots to sit and just look at the pleasant beauty of this falls.

Rhine Falls

I loved this place. We also made some friends from the tourist’s group that came from London to visit the Rhine Falls. It was a great day!

See you all in my next post 🙂 Until then Happy Journey!

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