Lose yourself in Triberg im Schwarzwald

Triberg im Schwarzwald is a small town located in the state of Baden-Württemberg, Germany. This town is surrounded by Black Forest and has a lot to offer for a one day trip. The highest waterfalls in Germany, the biggest cuckoo clock in the world, the black forest and good food.

How to travel to Triberg

Take a train from Stuttgart to Karlsruhe and from Karlsruhe to Konstanz and get down at Triberg. Total travel takes approximately 2.5 to 3 hrs.


Triberg im Schwarzwald is a town in Baden-Württemberg, Germany, located in the Schwarzwald-Baar district in the Black Forest. Triberg lies in the middle of the Black Forest between 500 and 1038 meters above sea level.

I and my husband traveled to Triberg in December. We reached the place by train from Stuttgart, Germany. The minute we came out from the train, snowfall started and we could feel the dead winter. As we started walking towards the Triberg Waterfalls, the wind and the snow made us walk back to the station. We checked the weather and decided to wait in the station for the weather to get better so we can walk safely and comfortably. As soon as the weather got a bit better we started again and finally reached the Triberg Waterfalls.

Triberger Wasserfälle

We could not believe our eyes when we saw The Triberg waterfalls for the first time. It was so beautiful, we literally forgot all the dead winter hassle that we went through just to see this place. The Triberg waterfall was surrounded by the snow and the trees nearby were capped with the snow. This snowy view can only be seen in winter so this winter trip was worth it.

Triberger Wasserfälle

Triberg is surrounded by the Black Forest where the original black forest cake was born. We got an opportunity to eat real black forest cake which is made with kirschwasser (locally made cherry schnapps). Eating the Black Forest cake here made me realize all the other times I had it, they were selling me a lie.

This place is also an origin of the cuckoo clock. There is a world’s biggest cuckoo clock here in Triberg. It is a real delight to see the biggest cuckoo clock.

One more attraction at this place is that they have the most interesting souvenirs shop called “House of 1000 Clocks”. They sell a variety of cuckoo clocks the most expensive to cheaper ones. The original mechanical clocks to the modern battery operated and other souvenirs.

Souvenir shop

At the end of the day, we had a lot of fun traveling around this place. The black forest looked really beautiful with snow caps. What else do we need? A good place, great weather, and good food. Worth it! 🙂

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